Content Example: Personalize My Feed by Following Channels

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Promote the power of personalization! ​Users need a relevant experience to drive daily use of the app. Relevancy will help users feel more connected to their company. This is what ultimately drives more value for your company.

When using our app on web or mobile, users can identify topics of interest and personalize the feed to relevant content by following channels.

Make sure your users know how to follow channels! Add the below text + image to an Article content card in your program. Create an email or push campaign and send to your 'Follows 0 Channels' Group today!

Content Card Title: Do you know how to follow channels?

Description: Are you following channels? If you're not, you're missing out on relevant, interesting content from [Company Name].

Article Body Text: 

You have the ability to personalize your experience in [App Name] by following content channels under Discover. Follow the steps below to start following channels! 

1. Tap the Discover tab in the mobile or web experience. 

2. Scroll through the list of channels. Click into some of the channels to preview content and read the descriptions. 

3. Follow channels you’re interested in by tapping the ‘Join’ button. 

4. Tap the home icon on mobile or click into Latest on the web experience to refresh your feed and see all the content from your followed channels!



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