Target a Channel to Specific Groups

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By default, channels are visible to All Users, which means that all members can see the channel under Discover and access the content published to the channel.

When publishing content, you'll need to publish content to at least one channel. The channel selector will show information about the channel, including whether the channel is public or targeted.


Targeting a channel to one or more groups limits which members can see the channel under Discover and controls which users can access content in the targeted channel even if they have a direct link to the content. Targeting a channel is like setting permission for access to all content within that channel.

Examples of how to use targeted channels:

  • Drive engagement by surfacing content that is most relevant to employee groups
  • Ensure private information remains with required groups
  • Streamline your channels & content delivery

Target a Channel

  1. Open the Channels page by selecting the menu in the top left of Studio and navigate to Publish > Channels.

  2. To create a new channel, select Create Channel in the top right.
    To edit an existing channel, select the three dots to the right of the channel name and choose Edit.
  3. Under Target Channels to a Group(s), start typing the name of a group or snapshot and select a group from the results list. You can add more than one group.


  4. Select Save to apply changes.

Additional Notes

If all targeted groups are removed, the channel will default to being available to All Registered Users.

If there are multiple targeted groups, members only need to be part of at least one group in order to see the channel and the content in the channel.

Additional details about creating and editing channels is outlined in this article.

Information about creating and editing groups is outlined in these articles.



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