Recommend Channels to Members

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Help your employees discover the content that matters most to them by recommending 3-5 channels. Recommended channels are promoted to users that are not following them yet. The call to action occurs in My Feed in the mobile app and several places in the web experience. 

Recommended Channels in the Mobile App 


Recommended Channels in the Web Experience  


On the Channels page in Studio, you can see which channels are currently recommended by looking for the filled green stars in the Recommended column. If you see more than 5 filled stars, consider un-recommending some channels so that you remain within the suggested range of 3-5 recommended channels.


How to Recommend (or Un-recommend) a Channel

We suggest recommending only 3-5 channels. The recommended channels will appear to all users, so you should select channels that are important and relevant to all users to follow.

  1. Sign into Studio as an Administrator, Program Manager, or Publisher.
  2. Open the Channels page under Publish.


  3. While creating or editing a channel set Recommended to Yes or No.
    • You can change the setting at any time, even for active, visible channels.
    • The recommended setting is only available if the channel is public (ie not targeted to any groups).

  4. Click Save.

Changes will take effect immediately.

Why is the Recommended Setting Missing?

The option to recommend a channel will only appear for public channels (ie not targeted to any groups).

If a channel is targeted to one or more groups, the setting for Recommended will disappear and there will be no star on the Channels page.

Targeted Channel Does Not Show Recommended Setting


Targeted Channels Have No Star on the Channels Page


If you would like to recommend a targeted channel, then you must make the channel public by removing any groups listed under Target Channels to a Group. Note, this will allow all users to access the channel. If Auto-Follow is enabled, making a channel public will also auto-follow all users.



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