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When viewing your program's posts, shareable content will have a button for sharing. Depending on your device and software version, the share icon may look like:

    OR    share_android.png     OR three_dots.png

After you select share, a window will pop up asking which app you'd like to share to. What programs you can share to will vary depending on whether you are viewing the content through a browser or mobile app.

Some posts will have pre-populated share text that has been written by your Program Manager, which you can use to post quickly or customize to capture your own voice. If there is no pre-populated text, make sure to write at least a short note and if your program has a hashtag, include that hashtag during the share. Watch for character limits, and click to post your share.

Mobile App Native Sharing Note

SocialChorus leverages "native sharing" on both Android and iOS phones. This means that you can share to any application installed on your phone that has native sharing capabilities.

If an application is not listed when you try to share, click "More" to see all available applications. Also, confirm that the application is installed on your phone, that you are signed into the application, and that the application is capable of native sharing (to test, you can try sharing to the application from another mobile app).

For example, from the app, you should be able to share to the following (if they are installed on your device):

  • traditional social networks like Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook
  • international social networks like Weibo
  • internal networks like Slack, Chatter, and Yammer
  • messaging apps like Message, Email, and Gmail
  • productivity apps like Evernote and Pocket




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