Guest Access

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Guest Access is an optional configuration for your program which allows users to click Join Later and access the Guest Feed without creating an account in the mobile app. Guest Access is not available for the web experience.

When Guest Access is enabled, the Join Later button is available on your mobile app sign in page. Users can click Join Later on the sign in screen to enter the program as a Guest. Content is limited to content in the Guest Feed, which only shows shareable, untargeted content (ie the content is targeted to All Users and set to shareable). Guests cannot share (or like) content. If they attempt to share, the following message appears: “Hold on there! You have to join before you can share”. 

While a guest, all pages of the app contain a call to action prompting the user to join now. Note, users that click Join Later will not appear on your Users page until they join your program. Guests also do not show as new users in any of the available reports under Measure. 

guest_access_-_join_later_-_ios.png   guest_access_-_guest_feed_with_cta_join_now.png

The Guest Feed is not just used for Guest Access. The Guest Feed is also presented to Registering users if you have an Email Registration program with User Verification or Onboarding Questions. However, Registering users that are viewing the Guest Feed are not presented with the prompts to join the program and Registering users will appear on your Users page. Once fully registered, the users will then see all content in the program.



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