How Do Invitations Work?

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Drive adoption by inviting users to complete registration for the employee experience and pull new Studio users into Studio with Studio invitations. 

By inviting users through Studio, you can leverage your program's custom from addresses and program branding for a cohesive onboarding experience. The invitation template can be customized if necessary and you can reference past campaigns and view metrics.

To leverage automatic invitation follow-up, refer to the article about the Drip Campaign article.

Note: Test emails of the invitation campaigns will have an inactive "Get Started" or "Join Now" button. This is to prevent invitation metrics from being impacted by tests.

Refer to Allowlist SocialChorus Emails to assure that users can receive your invitations.

You can only invite users to the Employee Experience if they have an Experience Status of Created, Invited, or Registering. You can invite Studio users to Studio regardless of the Experience Status. 

What Is Different About the User Registration Experience?

The user's registration experience for Invited users is very similar to normal registration.

For users that sign in via SSO, there is no change - they just get an invite that links them to the program, where they create their account as usual.

For users that sign in via Email Registration, normally during registration the user receives an email with a confirmation link after entering username and password. They would then need to complete user verification, onboarding questions, or go straight to the feed - depending on how the program is configured.

With an invitation link, the email confirmation and user verification are both skipped. The user just enters their password and is signed in. The user still needs to complete any onboarding questions that the program has configured.

Note, skipping email confirmation and user verification requires that the user's email in the user data provided via SFTP matches the email that is invited to the program.

What Happens if The User Skips The Invite?

Created and Invited users must follow an invitation link in order to complete registration in the employee experience. If they skip the invitation and attempt to sign in, their email and password will not be recognized. If they attempt to join now, they will trigger a new invitation email. 

Once the Created or Invited user follows an invitation link, that confirms their email and identity. So, they skip domain check, email confirmation, and user verification.

Any user that has already created a password (they would show as Registering or Registered) should sign in (not join now) to access the program.

Studio users can skip the Studio invitation link. If they already have a password with a SocialChorus program the new Studio user can simply sign into Studio. If they have no password with SocialChorus, they can use Studio's "Forgot Password" to trigger a password reset email and use that password reset to get signed into Studio.

What Happens If the User is Invited to Both Studio and Experience?

The invitations are designed to handle the possibility of a user receiving both an Employee Experience invitation and a Studio invitation.

Email registration programs use the same password for both Studio and the Employee Experience, so if the user follows one invitation to create a password the second invitation link will now take them to the program instead of creating a password again. 



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