Dec 17, 2018 - Facebook's 3rd Party App Access Notice

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What Happened?

On December 17, 2018, Facebook sent an email to all Facebook users who have used the Facebook API in conjunction with other apps. This email alerted users to a bug that may have granted third-party apps, like the SocialChorus Platform, unintended access to other photos on Facebook.

You were sent this email from Facebook if you had shared to Facebook from the web experience via Facebook’s API (a share method that is no longer available in our platform) or had connected your Facebook profile to the Social Accounts page on the web experience (a page that is no longer available in our platform).


To read the full article, please click here.

What SocialChorus is Doing

Our platform has been built with strict limitations in relation to accessing user records on social media sites. Our capabilities only include requests to social media sites around specific posts shared to that site from our applications. These boundaries allow us to only access data we are directly requesting, and ensure that even though Facebook erroneously granted us additional permissions, no other data was accessed.

SocialChorus does not collect, store, or process any user uploads (including photos) imported from Facebook or other social media sites. No other access is ever used even if mistakenly given by a third-party website.

Please email with any additional questions or concerns.



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