Studio Accessibility

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As a Studio user, you can utilize two settings to enhance accessibility: Color Contrast and Keyboard Navigation. 

Color Contrast

A color contrast ratio of 4.5:1 has been established for the majority of elements within Studio. All color contrast elements are displayed by default with the exception of the main Studio menu, which can be controlled by user preference.

Enable Color Contrast Accessibility 

  1. Visit Studio, click the Profile icon, and select Edit Account


  2. Click the Yes toggle to enable color contrast accessibility for the main Studio menu. 


  3. When Color Contrast is enabled, the main menu from the stack icon will appear as below.


Keyboard Navigation

By default, users can navigate the sections of Studio using the Tab and Enter/Return keys on their device's keyboard. No additional setting needs to be enabled to utilize Keyboard Navigation. 

  1. Tap the Tab Key to navigate through the elements of the page. You will see the selector move as you switch between elements. 
  2. Tap the Enter/Return Key to select the highlighted item (e.g. new page or feature). 





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