Make SocialChorus a Trusted Sender

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Making SocialChorus a Trusted Sender prevents a domain impersonation issue that is very difficult to notice but will impact user adoption and content engagement.

Note: This article is only about preventing domain impersonations. To prevent a wide variety of other email issues, please refer to Allowlist Emails from SocialChorus.

Email campaigns that are delivered through SocialChorus Connect are extremely useful for driving user adoption and engagement. Email campaigns include invitations, "welcome" emails that encourage users to personalize their profiles, content in newsletters, and more. These email campaigns can be configured with a custom from address to help them look familiar to end users - for example, users receive an email from instead of This customization is important for branding and engagement, but often runs into the email security measure called impersonation detection. 

Impersonation detection can cause email campaigns from SocialChorus to fail silently by using a "quarantine": the users never see the email (it does not appear in Spam or Junk) and no error is returned to the sender (in this case, SocialChorus). This silent failure is an important part of protecting your employees from phishing scams, but makes it very hard to know that there is an issue with email delivery.

Please note, Program Managers can configure a new custom from address at any time in Studio. This means that even if your emails are not encountering this issue now, your emails could at any time in the future.

To avoid impersonation detection issues, complete the following:

  1. Provide the following information to SocialChorus:
    • Your company domain(s) that may now or in the future be used for the custom sender email address(es).
    • The email of the person that can install DNS records (DNS Contact).
  2. The DNS Contact will receive an email from SocialChorus via SendGrid with the subject line "Can you help install these DNS records?" Install the DNS records contained in this email.
  3. Send confirmation to that the DNS records are installed.
  4. SocialChorus will verify that the files and the setup are complete.



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