Mobile App 4.0.0 Release Notes

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New Navigation:

We reworked the navigation for greater simplicity and consistency. We made the features that users need daily more prominent, and made finding what matters more intuitive.

  • More prominent search on the top navigation bar
  • Assistant added to the bottom navigation with easy access to all of the accompanying features.
  • Expanded “More” menu gives users quick access to channels, resources, profile, and more.


  • The Image content type now supports up to 10 images. Users in the mobile app now have the ability to upload multiple images at once to create an album. 

Enhanced Publishing:

  • All users now have additional controls when publishing from the mobile app with added settings, such as enabling translations and comments. 
  • Studio users that have access to Publish can create drafts, edit, and post on-the-go.

Assistant is every user's personalized connection to the company.

  • The Smart Inbox intelligently highlights what content and actions are most important, like to-dos and required communications.
  • The Command Center allows users to find specific content and resources, or take action on a task.
  • Integrate your most common corporate systems into Assistant. 

With polls, Program Managers and Administrators can receive instant, targeted employee feedback.

  • Users can see polls targeted to them and respond 
  • Poll results are visible after submission as well as once the poll has expired.

General bug fixes and improvements




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