How Do I Follow-Up With Users 'Stuck' in the Invited Status?

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If you would like to follow-up with users that are still in the Invited status after the Invitation Drip completes all four reminders, or you have users in the Invited registration status for any other reason, you can create an email campaign targeted to Invited users.

  1. Open the Campaigns page under Connect in Studio.
  2. Click the Create Campaign button in the upper right-hand corner of the page.
  3. Select Email and choose User Invitation or another template if you would like to be creative about how you encourage users to register.
  4. Name the Campaign, such as 'Invitation to Invited Users May 2019', and click Save.
  5. Change the target group to Invited Members:
    1. Under Send To, click on the All Registered Users target group.
    2. Change the recipients from All Registered Users to Select Groups.
    3. Type in 'invited' and select Invited Members.
  6. Set your delivery date, sender, and modify the text in the email as desired. Additional details about these options can be found in Create an Email Campaign from Template.
  7. Create a test email (note, the invitation link will be invalid) if desired.
  8. Save your changes - as a draft, send now, or activate (to send at the scheduled time).



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