Test For Email Success

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All customers should test for email success as outlined here. SocialChorus emails are relevant to all programs, regardless of deployment and content strategy. Successful email delivery and rendering will help drive maximum adoption, engagement, and supportability. Here is a sample of the emails that are sent to both your Members and Studio users:

  • Smart Campaigns
  • Newsletters
  • User submission notifications to Studio users
  • Invitations for Members
  • Invitations to Studio for new Studio users
  • Password resets for users that sign in via email
  • Direct emails from SocialChorus staff including Support, Engagement Managers, Strategic Advisors, and others

How to Test for Email Delivery & Rendering Success

This email delivery and rendering test can be completed at any time, all you need for this test is Program Manager or Administrator access to Studio and a technical contact at your company that can help review how the email is received.

The following instructions are intended to reveal a range of email issues which can impact both Studio users and end users. By conducting this test, you do not need to individually test every email the program might send to users.

  1. Sign in to Studio as a Program Manager or Administrator.
  2. Navigate to Connect > Senders and create a custom from address. Use your company's domain. For example, if your work email is joansmith@acme.com, create a custom from address such as marketing@acme.com 
  3. Create an email campaign in Studio that contains content, such as a newsletter. 
  4. Change the sender of the campaign to the custom sender that you configured earlier.
  5. Send the email campaign to a test user. 
    • Activating the campaign is recommended if the targeting has been updated to a group of test users.
    • "Create test email" is recommended if you only want to send to one user, or you want to keep the campaign in draft or scheduled state until the test is complete.
  6. Confirm that the email is received and that all images render.
  7. Confirm that clicking on a link in the email will open the correct content in the employee experience.
    • If testing iOS link behavior, access the email via Apple Mail or Safari.

Issue with Email Delivery

If the emails are NOT received by your test user:

  • Consider the following solutions:
  • If you need to confirm that the emails was sent by SocialChorus, please contact support@socialchorus.com and let them know the following:
    • the email of the test user
    • which email was sent to them (a link to the campaign in Studio is greatly appreciated)
    • how did you trigger the email - did you activate the campaign or use "create test email"?
    • when was the email sent to your test user
  • Once SocialChorus confirms that the test email was sent, further investigation will need to be completed by your internal technology team. We are not able to detect security interventions such as email quarantine, routing to a spam folder, etc. We are happy to confirm that our system sent any additional test emails and provide email header information to assist with tracking the emails.

Issue with Email Rendering

If the emails ARE received by your test user, but there is still an issue with the email:

  • If you are using Outlook and have an image rendering issue, please review the following:
  • For additional troubleshooting, contact SocialChorus Support at support@socialchorus.com. Information to consider providing:
    • description of the issue behavior with a screenshot (if possible)
    • device information - what is the computer OS information, what email software are you using (including version), etc.
    • a copy of the issue email if possible (download or save as EML or MSG)
    • how did you trigger the email - did you schedule a smart campaign, did you activate an email campaign, did you use "create test email"?
    • a link to the campaign in Studio

Issue with Link Behavior

If you are experiencing an issue with how the link opens in the iOS mobile app, please refer to Why Don't Links Open in the iOS Mobile App?



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