Customize the Email From Address

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Prior to any customization, email campaigns from your program with SocialChorus will have the from address and reply-to address of

Program Managers and Administrators have the ability to add customized email contact addresses to the program with any name and any domain. Once a contact address is configured under Connect > Senders, it can be set as the default for all new campaigns. When editing an email campaign or smart campaign you can choose from any of the active addresses.

For example, you may want a generic contact address for program-wide email campaigns and a marketing-specific contact address for email campaigns targeted to the marketing team.

Note: If you use a customized from address, you will still need to allowlist the original sender (SocialChorus) and possibly set SocialChorus as a Trusted Sender, as outlined in the articles Allowlist SocialChorus Emails and Make SocialChorus a Trusted Sender.

In Studio, open the Senders page under Connect to manage your contact addresses.


Create a New Contact Address

To create a new contact address, select Create in the top right of the Connect > Senders page. Fill out all the fields and Save.

Contact address settings:

  • Name - Only visible in Studio. 
  • Description - Only visible in Studio. 
  • From Name - The name that appears to recipients as the sender of the email. 
  • From Address - The email address that appears to recipients as the sender of the email. 
  • Reply-to Address - The email address to which users can respond with questions or feedback. 
  • 'On Behalf Of' - When enabled, this will display the From information as "on behalf of". For example, "From: on behalf of Van Nguyen".
  • Custom Physical Address - Defaults to No, which uses the SocialChorus headquarters address. If you switch to Yes and enter a custom physical address, the address is required to be CAN-SPAM compliant.
  • Select Contributor Channels - Select channels to grant access to Channel Contributors to use this email address when configuring Smart Campaigns. 


Warning: The domain implements restrictions...

When configuring a new contact address, you may see a warning such as: 

The domain <> implements restrictions that might block email delivery. 
Run tests and/or check with the IT department in charge to avoid deliverability issues.

Don't worry, this is easy to address! This warning does not mean that email delivery issues are guaranteed to happen, the warning is meant to prompt review of a possible domain impersonation with your IT department. If you see this error, we recommend testing an email campaign before setting the new address as default and before selecting the address when sending an email campaign to end users.

If there are any delivery issues, please refer to our instructions for how to resolve impersonation detection issues.

Set an Address as Default

Click on the three dots next to an active contact address and choose Set Default. The default contact address will be updated in campaigns that are set to the default address. You can only designate one contact address as the default at a time.


A Studio user creating or editing an email campaign can choose a non-default contact address if one is available.

Archive an Address

You can Archive or Restore contact addresses at any time. This will not change the sender/reply-to of email campaigns that have already been created. Archive will only change what contact address is available for selection when creating a new email campaign or editing an older email campaign.



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