Report on Poll Results

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Once your poll has been published, access the results through Planner. 

  1. Log in to Studio as a Program Manager or Administrator.
  2. Navigate to the Planner Page (Publish > Planner). 
  3. Use the filters or search bar to find your poll. 
  4. Click on your poll to open the full page editor. 
  5. Select the Metrics tab. 


  6. From the Metrics tab, you have several options to see poll result metrics:
    • View the total number of responses and percentage engaged in the Metrics tab.


    • Click View Poll Responses Report to view a report of the responses and the number of votes for each response. This will open a new view under Analyze, which means that you can use filters to adjust the view or download the underlying data.


    • Click View Poll Summary Report to view the poll performance report. This will open a new view under Analyze, which means that you can use filters to adjust the view or download the underlying data.

      Here is a map of how to read the Poll Summary Report:


      This report is showing metrics for the question displayed in this tile. 


      Total Respondents

      The number of users in the target audience who responded to the poll.  

      Does this number seem low or high?

      Top Answer Respondents 

      The % of people who chose the most popular answer. 

      Does this answer surprise you? 


      Response Breakdown 

      Compare responses.



      Poll Responses by Day

      See how your employees engaged over time.

      Do your polls tend to only see engagement the first day they are published? Could you use reminders to prompt users to complete the poll?

      Poll Details 


      Reference this area for details about your poll - the response type, publish date, etc.




      View the names of the users who responded to your poll, their response(s), and the date they completed the poll. 

      Is anyone missing from this list? If yes, brainstorm ways you can encourage more responses next time (did people see the poll? did you send a Smart Campaign?) 




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