Supported Browsers and System Requirements

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This article documents the software versions in which our platform is supported by our team. "Supported" means that we test our platform before release and will investigate possible bugs after release. To assure the best performance, please only use our platform with supported software and environments.

If you are using our platform in non-supported browsers, operating systems, or email clients then you may encounter issues. We will ask that you upgrade to a supported version to see if that resolves your issue.

Supported Browsers

Studio, Web Experience, and Content Amplifier are supported in the following browsers:

 Browser   System  Browser Version
 Chrome  macOS/Windows/Android/iOS  Latest release  
 Firefox  macOS/Windows  Latest release
 Safari  macOS/iOS  Latest release
 MS Edge  Windows Only  Latest release
 Internet Explorer 11 (IE 11)  Windows Only  Latest release

Supported Mobile App Version & OS

The latest release of your mobile app is supported on the following operating systems:

 Device  OS Version
 iOS (iPhones)  12.0+
 Android  5.0+
 Blackberry 10 & up  10.3+

See iPad Compatibility article for details about iPads and tablets.

Supported Email Clients 

 Email Client   Client Version
 Gmail  Latest release  
 Apple Mail for macOS  Latest release
 Outlook for Windows  2013, 2016, 2019
 Outlook for macOS  2019 (Web)  Latest release

Supported Network Protocol

TLS 1.1+ must be used by all users leveraging web browsers, integrations, or 3rd party applications. This can impact user access to the web experience and functionality of the Deprovisioning API, the Partner API, RSS Feeds, and Content Amplifier.



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