App Availability in China

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China restricts access to Google Play, which means that Android mobile apps must be distributed through another option. China does allow access to the iOS App Store, so there is no special process to provide an iOS mobile app to people in China. 

FirstUp in China

If you use the FirstUp mobile app, you do not need to take any action to provide access to your users in China. People in China can access the FirstUp iOS mobile app through the iOS App Store. People in China can access the FirstUp Android mobile app through the following app stores:

  • Oppo Software Store
  • Baidu Mobile Assistant
  • HiMarket
  • Tencent MyApp - pending final approval
  • Huawei App Market - pending final approval

Single-Tenant in China

If you have a single-tenant mobile app with SocialChorus, we can not use Google Play to distribute the Android version to your users in China. However, there are alternatives. For assistance with implementing either option, please reach out to your Engagement Manager.

Implement FirstUp for Your Android Users in China

Strongly recommended.

You can continue to use the single-tenant app for users outside of China, but leverage the FirstUp deployment through the Chinese Android app stores. See the FirstUp in China notes above.

You Distribute the Android Mobile App in China

See 'Implement FirstUp' as the recommended solution. The 'You Distribute' option has technical limitations, such as deep links will never open in the mobile app.

In this option, SocialChorus provides the single-tenant mobile app file (APK) to you, and your company then distributes the Android mobile app file to the China-based users. Some possible options for distributing the Android mobile app to China-based users:

  • MDM (Mobile Device Management) deployment
  • Intranet page with downloadable APK file
  • Chinese Android app stores

See more details about Android mobile app distribution from Android here.



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