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Commenting on a piece of content allows you to have your voice heard, and connect and engage like never before with content in your app. 

See Comments

When commenting has been enabled for a post, the comment icon will appear in the the card, next to Likes.  

If comments have been posted, a number will also appear next to the comment icon to show you the total number of comments and replies for this piece of content.

Click the comments icon to open the commenting drawer and scroll to read comments and replies from other users. 


Create a New Comment 

Click on the commenting icon to open the commenting drawer, and start typing to create a new comment. Click the Submit button to post the comment.

In your comment, you can:

  • use up to 500 characters
  • add an emoji
  • mention another app user by typing the @ symbol and then typing the person's name


In order to add a comment, you'll need to have your first name and last name listed in your User Profile. If either or both of those profile values are not populated, you will be prompted to fill them in before you can post - even if your profile is set to private.

When your User Profile has been made private, your photo, first and last name, and display name will still be visible to other users, such as when you like or comment on posts, or when another user tries to mention (@name) you.

If another user has tagged you in a comment, or added a comment on a post you've published, you can find those notifications listed under Assistant.

Banned Terms 

Musical notes like ♪♪♪♪ are displayed when you attempt to comment using a banned term. Comments with banned terms are posted successfully, but the banned term is replaced with musical notes as you type. The original word is not displayed. 

Interact with Other Comments

Tap the comment icon underneath another user's comment to add a reply to their post. This reply will be added as a thread underneath the original comment. 

You can like comments and replies others have posted by tapping the heart icon next to the comment. 


You can flag a comment you consider inappropriate by tapping the down arrow next to the comment and selecting Report. You will need to Confirm the you want to report this post or select Cancel to undo. Once the post has been reported, your Program Managers will review the flagged post and remove from the app if needed. You will not be notified if the comment you flagged is removed. 


Display Name - @firstname.lastname

Refer to other users with their display name, typically formatted as @firstname.lastname. This will make the comment be pulled into the Daily Content Activity Email, and spur other users to reply to you. You can edit your own display name under your Profile. 





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