Create a Repeating Invitation

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Creating a repeating invitation is a great way to get your new employees to register in your program - without having to remember to invite them! You set the invitation up and newly imported users will be invited for you. 

For example, if you have a user data file sync adding new employees to your program on a regular basis, those new employees will appear in the program as 'Created'. A repeating invitation targeted to 'Created Members' will send these new employees their first invitation. The status of these invited users changes to 'Invited'. The next time the invitation goes out, it will ignore the Invited users and only invite the newly Created ones. So, each user is only invited once.

To automate follow-up with Invited users, please refer to our Invitation Drip

How to Create a Repeating Invitation

Note: you should only have one repeating invitation active at one time. Confirm that your program does not have a repeating invitation or another invitation plan before creating a new repeating invitation.

  1. Sign into Studio as an Administrator or Program Manager.
  2. Open the Campaigns page under Connect.
  3. Click the Create Campaign button in the upper right-hand corner of the page.
  4. Select Email and choose User Invitation.
  5. Name the campaign and click Continue.
    • This name will only appear in Studio, so you can use the name to communicate to other Studio users the purpose of the email. For example, 'Repeating First Invitation.'
  6. Set the target audience to Created Members:
    1. Click on the Send To setting.
    2. Click Select Groups.
    3. Type in 'created' and select Created Members.
  7. Set the delivery to be Repeating.
    1. Click on the Deliver setting.
    2. Click Repeating.
    3. Choose your desired interval.
      • Questions to ask: Do you want to send an invitation to newly created users every day? Once a week? What time of day? We recommend at least once a week, around 8am.
  8. Optional:
    • Assign an Initiative.
    • Set the Email From Address to a custom sender.
    • Adjust the subject line, preview text, or body of the email.
    • Create a test email to verify the look and feel. Keep in mind that the invitation link will be invalid in the test email, so you cannot test the invitation link itself.
  9. Save your work. 
    • We recommend that the Invitation Drip and Welcome Drip are active before activating the Repeating Invitation.
    • If you would like to review this campaign before activating it, click Save Draft. Return later to activate.
    • If you are ready for this campaign to start going out, click on the down arrow next to Save Draft and choose Activate.



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