Set Up the Drip Campaigns

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For details on how Drip Campaigns work, please refer to this article.

There are multiple parts to a complete Drip Campaign setup. Once you have set up these parts, the campaigns will run automatically for you.

Here are the core building blocks of a complete adoption workflow:

  1. Implement a "first" invitation plan, such as a repeating invitation email.
  2. Modify the drip templates to fit your program, as needed.
  3. Activate all three emails (if not already active):

How to Create a Repeating Invitation Email

We go into detail on how to create a repeating invitation email here.

How to Modify the Drip Campaigns

Review the active drip emails and make minor edits:

  1. Sign into Studio as an Administrator or Program Manager.
  2. Navigate to Connect > Campaigns.
  3. Locate the drip campaign (if missing, you can create a new one under Multi-Step templates).
  4. Click the three dots to the right of the drip email campaign and choose edit.
  5. Click on a specific email such as Send Invitation Email 2 to open the email editor.
  6. Modify the email. Here are notes on what is safe to edit, and what needs a custom template:
    • Do NOT modify:
      • Trigger Events - in the box immediately following "Wait for Event", do not try to change the trigger. The Invitation Drip trigger should remain "invited to program" and the Welcome Drip trigger should remain "signed up".
      • Delivery Time - leave set to Immediately. After the campaign is activated, the delivery time will show the date of activation. The actual emails will only go out to the users based on the schedule within the drip's flow.
    • OKAY to modify:
      • Email itself - subject line, body, sender/from address. You must edit EACH email in the drip individually (changes do not apply to all emails).
      • Time between emails (cadence or interval). The drip is automatically populated with a recommended interval, but you can adjust this to your own liking.
      • Send To - but proceed with caution. If you want to create targeted Drips, you should have multiple drips with targeting that covers ALL users without overlapping. For example, you could create a group "Managers" and another group "non-Managers". Then create two drips, one targeted to Managers and the second targeted to non-Managers. That way every user in the program will flow through one drip or the other. Warning: do not use "status:invited" or "status:registered" in the group's filters, this will interfere with how the drip's trigger event works.
    • CANNOT modify in Studio - a Custom Email Template is required (please contact SocialChorus):
      • Visual assets.
      • Changes to email layout.
      • Adding or removing emails from the scheduled drip.
      • If you have an MDM deployment AND a public app: contact SocialChorus to replace all public app store links with the appropriate alternative for your deployment. Note, if there is no public app, then public links do not appear and they do not need to be replaced.
  7. Optional: while editing a specific email in the drip, send a test email to confirm that the email will come through and look right.
      • For the Invitation Drip, please note that the invitation link in the test email is not valid.
  8. If you make any changes, be sure to click Save Changes.
  9. Return to the drip editor by clicking < Back.
  10. You can review the other emails by selecting their names, such as Send Invitation Email 3. Repeat the above steps.
  11. When done, confirm that the drip is active.

How to Activate Drip Campaigns

Confirm that both of the drips are active under Connect > Campaigns > Active.

If either of the campaigns are not currently running:

  • Look under other campaign status tabs such as Draft or Paused and edit the campaign to activate it.
  • If you still cannot find a campaign, click Create Campaign and choose Multi-Step. Choose the template that you would like to work on - Invitation Drip or Welcome Drip.

How Do I Stop a Drip - For Now?

We recommend that you keep both drips running at all times. However, if you do not want the Invitation Drip or Welcome Drip to automatically reach out to your users, you should archive the campaign(s). When you are ready to have an automated follow-up with your users, you should then create a new campaign.

Do NOT use pause. When paused, the drip campaign is "muted" but users will still move through the flow. If you reactivate the drip campaign while a user is mid-flow, they will start to receive emails again but starting mid-flow. If you reactivate the drip campaign when a user has reached the end-point, they will NOT receive any emails from the drip.

If you have users that were invited while the Invitation Drip was inactive and they have not registered yet, check out this article on how to follow-up with users 'Stuck' in Invited Status.



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