Profile Setup

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Edit Profile

Open your profile in the web experience by selecting the profile icon in the top right corner. In the mobile app tap the stack icon and then profile. Edit the information in your Profile by selecting Edit Profile

From the Edit window, you can update your name and most other personal information. Note that your email field may not be editable.

You can update your Display Name directly from your Profile in the web experience and mobile app. Display Names are auto-generated, and may have a number in the name to assure that they are unique. If you try to use a display name that is already in use, you will see an "error updating your profile" - try a different name that is more unique.

The Display Name field only supports letters, numbers, and the period character (.). Spaces are not supported and will prompt an invalid display name error. 

Profile Photo

Upload a photo by clicking into your Profile > Edit Profile. Tap the camera icon to either take a new photo or upload a photo from your camera roll. Crop your selected photo as needed and save. 

Private Profile 

Hide some of your information and activity from other users by enabling your Private Profile. Your photo, first and last name, and display name will still be visible to other users, such as when you like or comment on posts, or when another user tries to mention (@name) you.

Other users will also be able to search for your private profile by name or display name.

However, when other users view your private profile, all other values (birthdate, job title, etc.) are hidden, as are Channels Following, Recent Activity, etc.

Change Password

In the web experience, you have the ability to change your password. You will need your old password to change your password from within your profile.


Joined Channels

All of the channels that you have joined will be listed here. The joined channels shapes what you see in My Feed/Latest. Unfollow channels by tapping on the check mark in the channel card. Access a specific channel and view all of its content by tapping the channel card. 

You can also see how many other users are following each of your followed channels. 

Recent Activity/Posts

Review your content submissions here. This section includes:

  • Approved content - your content submission has been approved by your program management team and can be seen and engaged with by other users. 
  • Pending content - your content submission has not yet been reviewed by your program management team. 
  • Archived content - your content submission was rejected by your program management team for some reason. 




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