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This article reviews how to create and manage posts enabled as Featured from Studio. Details from the member's perspective are outlined in Navigate and Use Your Program

Featuring content raises the visibility of your important posts. We recommend featuring 3-5 posts per week as this keeps the featured feed fresh and encourages your users to explore content outside the channels that they are following.

Examples of good content to feature: product launches, content created by leadership, or emergency information. 

Turning Featured ON

In Studio, content can be featured while creating the card or while editing a card, just slide the indicator for featured from OFF to ON. Any content card can be featured, regardless of content type or source (such as created by a Program Manager, submitted by a user, or imported via feeds).


Customize Featured Card Labels

You can customize the featured card label to give your users a quick visual clue for why a post is important. After sliding the featured setting to on, click to customize the wording. 


When setting a custom card label, you can select from any of the preset labels or type in your own manual label. Note that all preset labels are automatically localized for international users (ie translated automatically), but manual labels are not. 

Featured labels cannot be referred to in reports or other analysis.

What Members See

When a piece of content is featured, several things happen in the employee experience. 

The content card will appear in the featured feed (Featured tab on the mobile app, Featured section of the home page of the web experience) whether a user is following the post's channel or not. If the featured content is published to a targeted channel (ie the card cannot normally be seen by all users), then the card will only appear in the featured feed for the users that have access to the targeted channel.

Featured content still appears in the personalized feed (My Feed or Latest) if a member is following the channel that the featured content was published to. This means that an individual user may see the post in both their personalized feed and the featured feed.

A special “Featured” label will be shown on the content card wherever it appears, including the personalized feed or featured feed. The exact text of the card label can be customized.


When a piece of content is featured, a notification is also sent to users that displays in-app under Assistant


Notifications on mobile 


Notifications on web 

For iOS users, an unread badge will appear on the outside of the app. This lets users know that there is an important piece of featured content that they haven’t read yet.


Idea: If the content is extremely important, you can setup a smart campaign to automatically contact users via email or push notification when the post is published.





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