Export All My Personal Data

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If you do not see this option in your program, please contact your Program Manager directly with personal data requests.

This article explains the feature from the web and mobile app experience perspective. If you are a Studio user that is trying to fulfill a user's request, please refer to this article for Studio users.

Review what personal information you have on record with your program by using the Export All My Personal Data feature. 

If you would like to erase all of your data, please refer to Erase All My Personal Data instead.

How to Request to Export Your Data

  1. Mobile App: tap the Stack icon.
    Web Experience: select the Profile icon, and then Edit Profile. Scroll down to the bottom under Advanced Controls.

       Screenshot_20200612-151950.png      Screen_Shot_2020-02-04_at_12.32.18_PM.png

  2. Select Export All My Personal Data.
  3. A pre-populated email will open in your default email client. You can add additional information, but do not modify or delete the pre-populated information. The pre-populated information enables the fulfillment of your request. If modified, your request may not be fulfilled.
  4. Send the email.
  5. Your request will be routed to the party responsible for fulfilling your request, and they should send you a confirmation when the request has been fulfilled.



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