Single Sign On (SSO) Issues

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This article is for SSO sign in only. If you are signing in using SocialChorus Authentication, then please refer to the Reset Your Password article.


Unable to sign in via Single Sign On (SSO). Example errors:  

  • “Authentication failure. The status code of the response was not Success, was Responder.”
  • "The signed in user <email> is not assigned a role for the application."
  • "Incorrect password."

Root Cause

There is an issue with your SSO account.


Please reach out to your internal IT team with a screenshot of the error and note your username.

SocialChorus Support is not able to resolve these types of errors because SSO account issues require access to the Identity Provider (IdP) for your SSO configuration. 

SSO vs SocialChorus Authentication

You know that you are signing in via SSO because the SocialChorus website or mobile app has just the Sign In button and the links to the terms - when you click on Sign In, you see your company's SSO sign in page.

SSO Authentication Screenshots:


In contrast, you know that you are signing in using SocialChorus Authentication because there is a spot for your email (or username) and password on the SocialChorus website or mobile app. You never leave the sign-in page - you sign in directly from the sign-in page. There is also a "Join Now" button for creating new accounts and "Forgot Your Password".

SocialChorus Authentication Screenshots:




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