Why Don't Links Open in the Android Mobile App?

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Issue Summary

When a user clicks on a link to a post, the link launches in the mobile web experience instead of the Android mobile app.


  • Android devices

Root Cause & Resolution

The link is not a direct link.

The first thing to confirm is that you are using a direct link, which will have a URL starting with advocate.socialchorus.com.

At this time, the URL that you see while browsing the web experience does not open in the mobile app. This means that you should not copy the URL for a post, channel, profile, etc. from the web experience.

If your URL starts with anything other than advocate.socialchorus.com, please refer to the direct link article.

The mobile app is not installed.

If the mobile app is not installed, users will be taken to the web experience in their mobile browser when they click on a link. On the landing page of the web experience, the user can click on the download buttons to download and install the mobile app.

iOS Note

iOS devices have several additional restrictions that can prevent a link from opening in the mobile app. For details on iOS, please refer to the article about links on iOS devices.



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