Why Do Some Users Not Receive a Push Notification?

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Issue Summary

When sending a push notification to one or more users, sometimes mobile app users do not receive the push notification. This includes both test and actual sends.


  • iOS Mobile App
  • Android Mobile App

Root Cause & Resolution

There are multiple factors that can prevent a push notification from being received. Please review the following before contacting support@socialchorus.com.

The user does not have the mobile app installed.

Push notifications can only be sent to users with the mobile app installed.

The user is not signed into the program that the push came from.

The user should be registered and signed in before expecting to receive push notifications.

Studio users should note that users that have signed out will not receive push notifications. When the user signs back in, they can receive push notifications again.

The user has disabled push notifications from the mobile app.

Users may disable push notifications from the mobile app. This will cause the delivery to fail, and we will count them as "unreachable by push". To receive push notifications, the user will need to grant the app permission to send push notifications by following the process appropriate for their device. 

The device has an unstable network connection.

Unstable network connections can cause an issue with devices receiving and processing a push notification. If on an unstable connection, restricted bandwidth, or corporate wi-fi, please try connecting to a different network and then access the link.



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