Review Feed Content

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Depending on how your feeds are configured, feed content will require review by a Studio user before the content is published and visible to members.

Content that requires approval before being published can be seen by filtering the Planner page. Studio users can then approve the content by publishing the post or reject the content by archiving the post.

For information about creating new content, refer to How to Create a New Post.

How to Review Feed Content

  1. Open the Planner page by selecting the top left menu and navigate to Publish > Planner.


  2. Click on the alert bell and choose feeds.


    In both the List and Card views, the newest posts from Feeds will appear at the top, with older posts below. All Feed posts will include the date they were pulled into Studio (submitted).


  3. Isolate the content further using search or additional filters such as channel, content type, and sources. Sources can be used to restrict to specific types of feeds or individual feeds.



  4. Publish - click on the post. In the quick editor on the right you can make small edits such as to the title, description, channels, and publish date, then select publish.

    You can also select E
    dit in publisher (or just double-click on the post) to enter the full page editor with all editing options such as download and replace the image, toggle publish settings, etc. Save your changes (this will save the post as a draft) or publish the changes.

  5. Archive - you can archive one post at a time by selecting Archive from the menu. 

  6. Bulk Changeyou can publish or archive multiple posts at once with Bulk Change



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