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Content Planner is your one-stop-shop for creating, managing, and measuring your content strategy. On the Planner page, Studio users can create and schedule posts, manage items that need review, and view performance trends on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis regardless of type or source.

Permissions Note: all content can be viewed, edited, published, or archived at any time by any Administrator, Program Manager, or Publisher. Channel Contributors can only see content assigned to their own channels. Review role permissions here.

Access Planner

Open Planner by navigating to Publish > Planner.



Easily move through the different views to see your content and metrics at the level of detail that you need - day, week, month, or as a list.

From any page view in Planner, double-click a post to launch the full publisher. This skips the step of going to the quick editor and clicking Continue Editing when you need to access editing functionality not available in the quick editor.


Day View  


Use the day view to see details about your scheduled and published content. The day view and list view are the only views where you can see the content images.

  • Title, content type, channels, author's photo, associated campaigns, and image thumbnail
  • Depending on publish status, you will see published time, scheduled publish time, or draft or archived status
  • Reach or Estimated Reach can be seen if available
  • Comment count if available

Week View  


The week view is a great starting point to plan content as you can see a snippet about what kind of content is appearing over the course of the week. You can:

  • Compare content across days and see gaps in content
  • See Reach and campaign activity

The week view can be set to include or exclude weekend days by clicking on the week header and checking or unchecking include weekends.


Month View  


Analyze content performance and see your long-term content plan in the month view. 

  • Each day shows the number of posts published or scheduled
  • Drafts can be quickly found by a red indicator
  • Identify patterns and trends in content performance by referring to the Reach or Estimated Reach.
    • The performance bar shows how Reach for that day compares to the last 30 days

List View   


Review unscheduled content and archive posts. All content regardless of publish status, scheduled date (or not scheduled) can be found in the List View. 

  • Unscheduled content (drafts without a date, content for review) are ordered at the top
  • The content is displayed by default as cards but can be switched to a list 
  • List view is the only view that can be searched
  • Archive multiple posts from the list view as outlined in the Archive Content article
  • By default, the most recently published posts are shown the top of the List or Card view. Sort by Recently Updated to find the posts you or other users have recently made edits to.


Quick Links 


The star icon opens Quick Links to direct you to specific types of content you want to see. Click any of the hyperlinks to go directly to Published Posts, Scheduled Posts, Draft Posts, Submitted Posts, and Today's Posts


Isolate the content that you want to review using filters for post created date range, post published date range, current publish status, author, channel, and/or content type. 

The filters bar will display by default at the top of any view. Use add filter to expand your filter options with additional details such as publish settings and other.


Selected items within filters will appear at the top of the list, so you can see which filters you currently have active.

When you have items selected, you will also see Clear selected items at the top of the filter. Click this link to clear a single filter without removing your other filters.


Use Clear filters to clear all selections.

Filters applied to one calendar view will apply to other calendar views. For example, you can apply a filter in the week view and that filter will apply to the day view if you switch over. The list view has different filters available so selections made in a calendar view do not apply to the list view.

The alert bell will quickly filter the view to content that requires action or needs review.


Filter: Status

Restrict content in the Planner view by filtering the publish status:

  • Published - the only content in your program that is visible to members in the web experience and mobile app.
  • Draft - not visible to members, though any Studio user with access to the Publish section of the program can edit any drafted post.
  • Scheduled - content that is scheduled to move to published at a specific time in the future.
  • Archived - archived content no longer appears to members.
  • Needs Review - external content (submitted by users or pulled in via a feed) that requires approval before moving to published.
  • Processing - when a video post is created by uploading a video, after the initial upload of the video there is a short processing period where Studio makes the video ready for use by members. While processing, the post itself can be edited. However, the video must complete processing before the post can be published.


Search is available from any of the views under Planner. Results are not restricted to a specific calendar view.

Click the magnifying glass icon next to the bell to open the search bar. Type in your text and select the Return key on your keyboard to load results. 

Search will look at the Heading and Description fields across all content cards to filter results. Search results will be displayed in the List view tab. Note that search is sensitive to word order and has no wild cards.


Add Post and Quick Draft 

Add new posts from the Planner page. See Create a New Post (Any Type) for details on creating new content. 

Bulk Change 

You can publish or archive multiple posts at once with Bulk Change. While on the Planner page under List view, select the checkboxes next to the content, and click the Bulk change X posts linkSelect either Publish Posts or Archive Posts from the dropdown and click Apply Change on the Bulk Change modal.


If you've selected posts that can't be published (e.g. they need channels added or are missing other required fields), you will see a message letting you know how many posts can't be published, and you can view more details to see which specific posts need changes.


Planner Metrics

Metrics are displayed to the right of the calendar views (day, week, month). The planner metrics are for the content available in the view, so the time period selected (day, week, month) and any filters apply to both the view and the metrics.

Planner metrics include data for the current day, so you will see partially complete data in the day, week, and month views for the current day.

Metrics include Reach (or Estimated Reach), Engagement Rate, Mobile Reach, Web Reach, Amplifier Reach, content interactions (Clicks, Likes, etc.) and a breakdown of the content. See the Measure Glossary for exact definitions of the metrics available in the planner metrics area.




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