Publish as Different Author

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Publish as the CEO. Give credit for the content to the original creator. Whatever your motivation, you may want to change the Author which is displayed on the post in the experience.

When creating a new post or editing an existing post, click on Author to choose between two options: Program Name or Specific User.


Program Name

  • Program Name is the default setting.
  • Content will appear to be published by the program itself.
  • The "author's image" is the Program Icon.

Specific User

  • You can choose any Studio user who has access to Publish (this means that you cannot choose an Analyst or Member) and is Registered in the experience.
    • If you are a Channel Contributor, you can only choose the Program Name or yourself.
  • Content will appear to be published by the specified user.
  • The "author's image" is the user's photo in their User Profile.



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