How to Read the Viewers Overview Report

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Use the Viewers Overview report in Analyze to see what your viewers are doing, where they are engaging, and who is most engaged. 


How many people are seeing the content?

Is this a good number relative to how you count your users? For example, relative to all employees? Or just employees on the mobile app?


How many of the users that saw the content wanted to know more?

A view may be enough, especially for image posts. However, if this metric is lower than you'd like, is content targeted well? Enticing to click on?


How many people are saying "I like this content"?

What kind of content would encourage likes? More user-submitted content?

Avg Posts Viewed

This provides context for the other metrics in this report.

Usage by Segment, View By: Region (default)

Region is the default, change the segment by using the View By filter.

How many users are viewing content in each location, and how engaged are they?

If employees in my target areas are not viewing content, do they have access to the platform via web or mobile? Were the posts targeted well?

If employees in my target areas are not engaging with content, do I need to talk to a local communicator or resource to understand why? Is it not translated? Is it not relevant?

Usage Details

Use this table to help dig into the graph of Usage by Segment.

By segment, ask:

  • How many users are seeing our content?
  • How many of the users that saw the content wanted to know more?
  • As we publish more content, are viewers clicking on more content?

Viewer Details

Who is engaging with this content? Sort by Shares to see your Top Sharers. Sort by Viewed, Clicked, or Engaged and then check out platforms to the far right (Web, Mobile, Email). Where are your most engaged employees finding the content?



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