How To Measure Program Success

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Organizations and employees' needs are always changing. This means that a successful communication platform is not a one-and-done deal. To maximize success, you start with a great plan but then have to monitor performance and evolve your program and strategy. 

This article is just meant as a brief guide to the analytics available to you in the SocialChorus program. Use this as a starting point to explore the available reports, and to spark conversations with your Engagement Manager. And remember, always be asking: what action can I take based on this data?

First 90 Days - Reports for Go Live

If your program is still in the first 90 days, you probably have very clear and explicit goals around user adoption and content engagement. The exact benchmarks are set by your team in collaboration with your Engagement Manager. Some reports to help you report on implementation success:

User Adoption

  • Audience Lifecycle

 Content Engagement

1st Year - Look for Trends

After the first 90 days, but still in your first year, you have enough data to look at trends. An objective in this phase is to identify who and what is performing well. Then you can adapt success with individual users or posts across your program.

Channel Engagement 

  • Channels Overview

Studio User Activity

  • Publishers Overview


  • New User Cohort Retention

Deeper or Beyond 1st Year

The following report recommendations are for any program looking to dive deeper into the information available. Track business initiatives to map program activity to business objectives. Identify opportunities for expansion - which endpoints could be added? Set your own benchmarks based on previous success, then see who is hitting them (or not).

Track business objectives in platform:

  • Start using Initiatives
  • Track results in the Initiatives Overview report

Tackle low performers:

  • Look at the Channels Summary report, sort to see low activity - consider archiving or hiding low performing channels to reduce noise, or revive the channel.
  • Check out the Publishers Overview and sort to see low activity - do they feel comfortable using the platform, could they use some targeted training? Are they able to reach the users that they need to reach through the platform? Ask what can be done to help them be successful.

Look at your data by custom attributes:

  • Create custom groups based on your custom group attribute data
  • Check out
    • Group Summary
    • Group Comparison
    • Channel Performance by Group
    • Content Insights List by Group
  • Also, some reports have Work Location and Department (your custom attributes!) built in as filters. Check out:
    • Executive Summary
    • Viewers Overview
    • and all other reports in The Essentials collection

Additional Thoughts

If you are looking for something that is not noted above, we encourage you to explore the reports under Analyze and talk to your Engagement Manager. We may already have a report that shows the data you are looking for, or we can start a discussion about a custom report. In addition, we will be releasing new reports on a regular basis. The more we know about what metrics help you measure success and reach your goals, the better we can serve you!



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