How to Read the Campaign Performance Report

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Use the Campaign Performance report in Analyze to understand the engagement and audience on a single campaign. This report covers all types of campaigns - smart, email, push, newsletter, etc.

Note: the date range filter will restrict both which campaigns are available and the engagement data that is displayed.

Target Audience

How many people, total, did this campaign attempt to reach?

This number gives you a baseline for other numbers in the report.

Emails/Push Sent

How many people did this campaign reach out to?

If this is a campaign with multiple sends (drip, repeating, or high priority smart campaigns), these numbers could be much higher than the target audience.


How many people are seeing the content?

Compare this to your Target Audience, is this a healthy number for your community?

Email Open Rate

How many people that received the email actually opened the email?

Click Rate

How many of the users that saw the content in the campaign wanted to know more?

A view may be enough for emails with just text or images in the body. However, if click rate is lower than you'd like, is content targeted well? Enticing to click on?

Performance Trend

How is engagement over time?

For a one-time campaign, how quickly does your community engage? If your community takes up to 3 days to engage with a one-time campaign, you may want to always publish on Monday through Wednesday, to allow time to engage.

For repeating campaigns, are there periods of time with lower or higher engagement? What could contribute to a change? How can you repeat the success of high engagement or avoid a repeat of low engagement?

Performance Details

Use this table to help dig into the campaign performance, especially for multi-step or multi-part campaigns.

By campaign, ask:

  • How many users are seeing our content?
  • How many of the users that saw the content wanted to know more?
  • What kind of campaign drove this engagement?

Campaign Details

Refer here for details about campaign configuration.

Content Summary

If the email or push contained a link to content, which content is most engaging?

Could you use the same content or similar content to drive more engagement?

Recipient Details

*If this tile is not visible, your community has disabled user-level reporting.

At the user level, track engagement. Who are your most engaged employees? Who is the least engaged - and what could you do to engage them?

Were they targeted appropriately, with content relevant to them? Do they need to be reached in a different way (such as email vs push)?

Step Summary

Especially for campaigns with more than one step (smart campaign with email and push or high priority with follow-up reminders, drip campaigns), how did engagement vary over the different steps?

Could future campaigns omit a low-engagement step? What do you think the strength of a high-engagement step was - the content? The call to action?

Send Summary

Especially for campaigns with more than one scheduled send (such as newsletters, a repeating invitation), how did engagement vary over the different sends?

If the Open Rate is dropping, could that be because you are delivering to more people than before? If your Error Rate has spiked, could there be an issue with your user data?



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