Extra Visibility & Tracking for Terms of Service & Privacy Policy

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SocialChorus adheres to the industry standard by which users accept the terms and policies by joining the program. For reference on how to configure the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy, please refer to the entry in the Branding Assets Glossary.

If your program would like to increase the visibility of the Terms of Service (Terms) and/or Privacy Policy with users, or track the number of users that have seen the Terms and Privacy Policy, there are a some options within Studio to consider leveraging.

Terms & Privacy Policy Visibility

Welcome Video

If your Terms and Privacy Policy are very short you can create a welcome video that shows the content slide by slide. Note, the welcome video is shown at the top of My Feed after the user has completed registration. The video will persist until the user clicks "Acknowledge".

Content Card in My Feed

Create a content card with hyperlinks to your Terms and Privacy Policy. You could use a single article post to link to both, or two link posts based on the URL of your Terms and Privacy Policy.

Publish the card(s) to My Feed. As long as only a limited amount of content is published to My Feed and your program does not leverage Auto-Follow too much, publishing to My Feed will make the content among the first things that a new users sees after registration.

Include images to and text to encourage users to open the content card(s).

Content Card with Require Campaign

Create an article post and enable a Smart Campaign to target users that are already in your program. Set the Smart Campaign to Goal: Acknowledgement and Priority: High. This solution is not recommended for programs that are just launching, as users that join the program after the campaign has started running will not be pulled into the campaign. An Acknowledgment Smart Campaign would work best for an established program that has recently updated the Terms of Service - a way to say "check this out". A High Priority Smart Campaign will automatically follow-up with users that have not yet acknowledged the post. 


There are two options to track whether users have seen the Terms and Privacy Policy. Both options require the user to self-report.

Track Within Studio

Create a dropdown question with question text such as “By using this app, I accept the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.” or "I have reviewed the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy". For this question, have only one acceptable answer, "Yes", so that the user can only proceed after acknowledging the question in the affirmative.

There will be question-based groups that track which users have answered Yes and which users have not answered the question - you can target your email campaigns and push notification campaign to users that have not answered the question.

Note, the question cannot have a hyperlink to the Terms, Privacy Policy, or content card. Also, once a user has answered a dropdown question, the user's answer cannot be edited.

Track Outside Studio

Create a survey using a 3rd party tool - a link to the survey can be included at the end of the content card (hyperlink or embed!), or posted as a separate content card in the program. For example, the survey could simply say “By using this app, I accept the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy that govern it”, and collect their name, email, and "Yes".



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