Program Managers - How to Leverage the Channel Contributor Role

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Hello Program Managers (and Administrators)! By assigning users the role of Channel Contributor, you can distribute publishing capabilities to more people in your organization while keeping guardrails in place. A Channel Contributor can:

  • Access Studio, where they can see only the content and metrics for their assigned channel(s).
  • Leverage direct publishing - when they submit content to their assigned channel from the mobile app or web experience, that content is published immediately (skips the "needs review" status).

Read more about how the Channel Contributor role works in our permissions article.

Who Is a Good Candidate for the Channel Contributor Role?

Anyone that is trusted to publish content without review (to at least one channel!) is a good candidate for the Channel Contributor role. To set the Channel Contributor up for success, check out Questions to Ask below.

Here are some scenarios to consider when thinking about how this role can best fit into your organization. These scenarios are not a comprehensive list -- you may find that there are other ways where you can apply this role in your company. 

  • Expand to Other Departments - give a representative from outside of the Comms organization control over a channel for their business unit or team.
  • Employee Resource Group - empower a group of employees to manage their own channel focused on a specific topic.
  • Leadership Channel - allow an executive or other leaders in the company (or their assistants) to manage their own channel.
  • Champion Content Creators - unlock direct publishing for employees who are already submitting great content. Use the submissions report to identify and recruit those users to become Channel Contributors. 

Questions to Ask

We recommend reaching out to your Strategic Advisor or Engagement Manager for an in-depth conversation about your strategic approach to engaging Channel Contributors. Plan ahead so that you can think through how to maximize the Channel Contributor role and set them and your platform strategy up for success. The following questions are intended to help prepare for that conversation.

These questions assume that you are an Administrator or Program Manager with access to all functionality in Studio.

Ask yourself about the big picture:

  • What is your platform strategy? 
  • Are you following SocialChorus’ best practices? You can talk to your Strategic Advisor or Engagement Manager about these practices.
  • Where are Channel Contributors required to enable your strategy? 
  • How will you train and prepare Channel Contributors to leverage the platform to perform their role and responsibilities? 

Do you want to create new channels or adjust existing channels? Some settings you should consider in the context of a Channel Contributor:

  • Targeting - do you need to make a public channel targeted to ensure that contributors can only reach a certain audience? If you have a targeted channel, do you want to adjust which groups are targeted or make changes to how the groups are defined (ie which Members are in the groups)?
  • Auto follow - do you have channels that include content that the business needs all users in the target audience to see? By enabling auto following, you increase the visibility of content.
  • Auto-publish - Channel Contributors can publish regardless of this setting (the special power of the Channel Contributor is to always auto-publish!). You may want auto-publish turned off so that Member content goes through "For Review" and only Channel Contributors can publish immediately.

What can you do to help your Channel Contributors be successful? Some ideas:

  • Establish the Channel strategy, which should include the channel’s goals and metrics, content strategy, promotional strategy, and all associated process and governance documentation.
  • Send an email campaign to your Channel Contributors to communicate your hopes or expectations for their role, along with the resources you can include to help them train and get up to speed on your strategy. Provide an overview of your strategy, their role in enabling the strategy, and link to any training and/or governance documentation. You could send this email before they are assigned the role (and require that they agree to comply with certain practices) or after you invite them. However you time this, set them up for success! 
  • Let your Channel Contributors know they can enable content submission notifications to stay up-to-date on any submitted content needing review.
  • Encourage your Channel Contributors to check out the SocialChorus article Getting Started - Channel Contributors.
  • Create a channel targeted to just Channel Contributors and turn on auto-publish. You can use this channel to educate and train, share best practices, communicate special messages, and/or the Channel Contributors can publish content for each other.
  • Make a plan for reviewing and rewarding content performance. The goal should be to develop a process that enables Channel Contributor to understand what to publish and when to publish (how often, what time of day), with regular meetings to review goals, metrics, and results (content performance). Channel Contributors should know that they can learn from content and improve results via this process.

Do you want to explicitly advise Channel Contributors of some features they cannot access, but you could adjust for them? For example, Channel Contributors cannot:


Learn more about Channel Contributors from our Knowledge Base articles: 



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